Stork Prints' Stovec introduces multiple innovations at ITME Mumbai

Boxmeer, The Netherlands, November 2012: Stork Prints’ Indian subsidiary Stovec Industries Ltd. will be demonstrating its unrivalled expertise in many different aspects of rotary screen and digital printing for the textile industry at the ITME, December 2 – 7 at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BEC) in Mumbai, India.
Stovec Industries Limited was established in 1974, and is a public listed company in India. Listed at the Mumbai and Ahmedabad stock exchanges it currently has a work force of 190. Stovec is a technology and market leader for the supply of rotary screens and rotary screen printing machines throughout India. Stovec’s world class manufacturing facility is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The high-tech screen and machinery manufacturing plants integrate best technology and manufacturing practices. Stovec’s well trained, and dedicated service team offers application and after sales support across the country.

Introducing: Stormac RD VI Gold – the new Gold standard in rotary screen printing
Dedicated to the Indian market, the Stormac RD VI Gold is the new techno-enhanced incarnation of the Stormac RD IV rotary screen printing machine, with a golden touch of quality and a host of enhanced functionalities. So much so, there was no better name to call it, but Gold. Benefits such as the permanent magnet beams, the single AC servo drive motor ensuring optimal repeat accuracy, the proven closed bearing system - all guarantee superior printing sharpness. The RD VI Gold offers a choice between a blade and roller squeegee system, or a combination of both. The new machine is very easy to operate and extremely versatile: suitable for all fabrics ranging from light synthetics to heavy cottons with a repeat range of 640 to 1018 mm. Moreover energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved. With corrosion resistant SS covers, fasteners and Chrome plated main drive roller, the life of the machine is improved further. In sum, the Stormac RD VI Gold offers the best price performance ratios for the Indian market.

Solutions for every phase of the production process
And there's more. We’ll be demonstrating that we are the only global partner that can offer solutions for every phase of the production process as well as consumables. Including (digital) pre-press, printing and drying.

smartLEX: the future of intelligent digital pre-press
Nowadays, the textile industry has increasing demands for high-quality pre-press and printing, but wants to decrease the complexity of the production processes at the same time. Stork Prints has the perfect solution. As an exclusive at ITME, Stovec will launch the brand new smartLEX machine to the Indian market. This new direct laser exposing system, containing Stork Prints’ blue-ray technology, combines perfect imaging quality with an unmatched ease of use. Anyone who is capable of using a smartphone, can make perfectly imaged screens. The machine has intuitive design and is operated via a very user-friendly oversized touch screen. Perfect engraving of halftones or geometric designs is literally only a few button touches away. Based on design and screen type, the intelligent software chooses the optimal process settings fully automatically. This also ensures - especially in combination with Stork Prints screens - an unmatched reproducibility.
Due to Stork Prints’ thirty years of experience in laser engraving, the machine ensures extreme high productivity and utmost reliability, with a rapid Return of Investment. The TCO per engraved screen is very competitive. Our specialists will be more than willing to demonstrate the latest innovation in laser engraving and prove that this machine is in fact the future of intelligent pre-press. 

Stork Prints digital inks
Stork Prints is one of the leading digital ink producers to the industry who also builds and sells printing machines and RIP software. Besides the complete digital ink portfolio, there will also be plenty printing samples of Stork Prints’ new NEBULA reactive, acid and disperse ink sets for Kyocera print heads. With the special Reactive Deep Black ink, you get a profoundly intense and dark black that really has to be seen to be believed. Stork Prints will also presents its complete range of FLARE inks that run on all printers using Epson print heads, including Robustelli Monna Lisa printers. Underlining the fact that the unrivalled Stork Prints inks are not just suited for the new printer Sphene, but can also run on the Reggiani Renoir, MS JP and MS JPK-series printers and the La Meccanica Qualijet K-series.
Recently, Stork Prints has developed a dedicated range of inks, known as QUASAR, for the MS LaRio, for partner and leading Italian manufacturer MS. The suitability of QUASAR inks for the LaRio stems from Stork Prints’ considerable experience in developing inks for its own single-pass digital printing machines for label printing, the DSI®. For a number of years the company has been optimising ink performance for high-speed digital printing machines to help deliver superior image quality. This includes patented technology to prevent striping.
Quasar ReAcid ink is already being used in the very first LaRio prototype, currently running at a customer site in Italy. Visitors to the Stovec stand (Hall 6, booth S19A) will also be able to find out more about two new types of QUASAR ink; reactive and acid.

Better end results in rotary screen printing with NovaScreen®
Visitors to the Stovec stand will be able to see much more in the way of printing innovation, including the unique NovaScreen® rotary screens. These screens have a patented design which combines a high mesh count with minimum spacing between wider and ingeniously conical holes, so the maximum amount of paste is transferred to the substrate. This leads to higher print quality and also increases productivity and efficiency. For example with a NovaScreen 195 mesh it becomes possible to print with the same quantity of pigment paste between 20-30% more meters as with a normal PentaScreen.
Meanwhile the new 195/19% NovaScreen® distinguishes itself by combining high paste transfer rates with superb resolution. A patented design combines a high mesh count with minimum spacing between wider and ingeniously conical holes, so the maximum amount of paste is transferred to the substrate. It has been specially designed for printing fine halftones on voluminous substrates like single jersey, and also gives full penetration print on CV georgette or crepe articles.

Users of Stork Prints rotary screen printing technology can also look to the future with confidence. The new RandomScreen® is characterised by a random distribution of conical holes. This significantly reduces the so called Moiré effect whilst printing, which means less need for trials and fewer remakes and rejects. It also offers more freedom in design possibilities, for example through its ability to produce realistic weaving and tweed effects.

Of course, all types of screen have the added advantage of the unrivalled Stork Prints quality and service support.

Our specialists will also be on hand to demonstrate and explain about numerous examples of superior textiles and coated products - all made using Stork Prints screens and equipment. And they will be only too happy to explain how, in today's volatile textile printing world, our rich history - coupled with unrivalled service and application know-how - makes us a stable and reliable partner that can really add value to our customers' business.

Visit us in Hall 6, booth S19A!

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