Digital Textile Printing

SPGPrints redefines the digital textile printing landscape and opens new creative possibilities

Industry-leading printers and in-house produced inks and comprehensive global application and technical support

Our focus is to enable textile printers to use digital technologies to achieve higher standards of quality on the widest range of fabrics, maximising uptime, and giving customers the flexibility to bring ideas faster to the market.

Our digital textile printing offering is based on SPGPrints' groundbreaking Archer® technology and includes digital printers, in-house produced inks and comprehensive global technical support.

Discover our ground-breaking Archer® technology

SPGPrints is setting the standard for productivity and quality in digital printing with Archer® technology, a unique inkjet system that lies at the heart of the PIKE® and JAVELIN® textile and decor printers. It contains print heads, electronics, ink supply system, ink conditioning & maintenance system and an accurate frame that eliminates the need for manual adjustment after print head replacement.

Archer technology assures fine line detail, blotches and tonal curves, thanks to its high resolution, large drop-size range and high jetting frequencies. The long jetting distance greatly reduces the risk of damaging the print heads. This enables us to give two-and-a-half years of warranty on the print heads.


Accurate shooting of small droplets

Archer fish are remarkably accurate in their shooting. They can bring down insects and other prey up to three metres above the water's surface. (From Wikipedia)

PIKE_Logo.png#asset:1689 -  Single-Pass Digital Textile Printer 

With its industry-leading speeds, precision geometrics, fast throughput and low running costs, the PIKE represents a new performance benchmark for textile printing with print volumes of 4 to 20 million linear metres per year.

It is optimised for using PIKE inks, a new range of high-performance inks that are specifically developed for maximum print quality and uptime.

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JAVELIN_Logo.png#asset:1690 - Digital Textile Printer

Apart from ease, accuracy and productivity, JAVELIN offers flexibility and may be used with in-house produced reactive, disperse or acid inks and print volumes of 0,5 to 2 million linear metres per year.

JAVELIN is available with a printing width of 1850 or 3200 mm.

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Digital inks for all industrial print heads and fabrics

In-house developed and produced inks 

SPGPrints' inks guarantee unattended printing without nozzle blockages or print head failures. Runnability and colour gamut are key.

Besides the inks for PIKE and JAVELIN, we produce inks for all industrial print heads and fabrics.

Download your “Silicon MEMS Technology” White Paper today

Learn how Si--MEMS enabled SAMBA print heads maintain thermal stability at a very low level of heat throughout the printing process. This is a key print head requirement for achieving long runs in industrial environments.

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