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Benefits of rotary screen integration

Rotary screen printing brings a new dimension to your printing capabilities. Rotary screen printing can be combined with other printing techniques, i.e. flexo, offset, gravure and letterpress using SPGPrints’ Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) technology.

SPGPrints RSI® module is a self-contained, single-colour printing unit that can easily be integrated onto your existing press. Have a look at the list of narrow web manufacturers to see the best RSI® solution for your installed base.

Depending on your press, RSI® units may be fitted in a fixed position or on a cassette frame. For optimal flexibility, RSI® can be mounted on a SPGPrints’ Flexible Positioning System. This patented solution allows you to move the RSI® module to any print station in your press.

Want to print even wider and/or longer? Then the RSI® Mid Web print module is your best bet. Its print widths range from 600 to 900 mm or even wider upon request.It is also available in explosion proof execution.

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RSI Mid Web 

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