UV inkjet printing

Modular digital label printing concept DSIŽ

The SPGPrints DSI® UV inkjet label printer is the modular concept for short and medium run digital label printing. In fact, the DSI UV inkjet printer takes modularity to the next level in 3 aspects. Firstly there’s modularity in the configuration: stand-alone digital printing or a complete line with in-line (semi-rotary) converting. Secondly, there’s modularity in print positions. The DSI comes with four print heads as standard, although an additional six can be added to enable options like digital white, digital primer and an extended colour gamut through the colours orange and violet. Thirdly, there’s modularity in printing widths, ranging from 135 mm to the standard 330 to as wide as 530 mm.
This versatile unit is ideal for markets ranging from food and personal care to beverages, wine and spirits, household goods and outdoor applications.

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